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fix gluon path

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......@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ package:
- make -C gluon update GLUON_SITEDIR="$CI_PROJECT_DIR"
- for branch in "stable" "beta" "nightly"; do make -C gluon manifest GLUON_BRANCH="$branch" GLUON_SITEDIR="$CI_PROJECT_DIR" V=1; done
- test -z "$GLUON_SIGN_KEY" && ./contrib/ <(echo "$GLUON_SIGN_KEY") output/images/sysupgrade/nightly.manifest
- test -z "$GLUON_SIGN_KEY" && cd gluon && ./contrib/ <(echo "$GLUON_SIGN_KEY") output/images/sysupgrade/nightly.manifest
- gluon/output
Subproject commit 43e01839034486dbcdb2d2119f6c962ba4d64acc
Subproject commit 47edaab429d565fe8db24a7182ced834102a8e7f
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