Unverified Commit f6df3b05 authored by Matthias Schiffer's avatar Matthias Schiffer
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gluon-mesh-vpn-core: don't consider tunneldigger when fastd is installed

None of our scripts can handle fastd and tunneldigger running at the same
time. When both are installed, ignore tunneldigger.
parent 80b6e7f1
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ uci:save('firewall')
local has_fastd = unistd.access('/lib/gluon/mesh-vpn/fastd')
local fastd_enabled = uci:get('fastd', 'mesh_vpn', 'enabled')
local has_tunneldigger = unistd.access('/lib/gluon/mesh-vpn/tunneldigger')
local has_tunneldigger = (not has_fastd) and unistd.access('/lib/gluon/mesh-vpn/tunneldigger')
local tunneldigger_enabled = uci:get('tunneldigger', 'mesh_vpn', 'enabled')
local enabled
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