Commit ea34bc75 authored by David Bauer's avatar David Bauer Committed by David Bauer

docs: clarify WAN port on LAN-only devices

At the December 2019 review day, the behavior for LAN only devices was
defined. Such devices will use each LAN port as WAN.
parent 82082d8c
......@@ -11,6 +11,11 @@ There are two cases in which the WAN port is used:
After the VPN connection has been established, the node should be able to reach
the mesh's DNS servers and use these for all other name resolution.
If the device does not feature a WAN port, the LAN port is configured as WAN port.
In case such a device has multiple LAN ports, all these can be used as WAN.
Devices, which feature a "hybrid" port (labled as WAN/LAN), this port is used as WAN.
This behavior can be reversed using the ``single_as_lan`` site.conf option.
Routing tables
......@@ -185,10 +185,10 @@ ath79-generic
* devolo
- WiFi pro 1200e
- WiFi pro 1200e [#lan_as_wan]_
- WiFi pro 1200i
- WiFi pro 1750c
- WiFi pro 1750e
- WiFi pro 1750e [#lan_as_wan]_
- WiFi pro 1750i
- WiFi pro 1750x
......@@ -396,3 +396,6 @@ Footnotes
.. [#eva_ramboot]
For instructions on how to flash AVM NAND devices, see the respective
commit which added support in OpenWrt.
.. [#lan_as_wan]
All LAN ports on this device are used as WAN.
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