Commit c90d6b98 authored by David Bauer's avatar David Bauer
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modules: update OpenWrt packages

1c90bc08a banip: remove logd dependency
ad6476b4f Merge pull request #15728 from stangri/19.07-https-dns-proxy
2b0cb41c0 https-dns-proxy: 2021-05-14 bugfix: fallback to HTTP/1 by default
e8c0e3c20 netdata: update to version 1.30.1
e23677d86 Merge pull request #15717 from stangri/19.07-https-dns-proxy
b28e2c763 https-dns-proxy: update to 2021-05-14-1; bugfixes for dhcp server backup
2543c33b0 syslog-ng: update to 3.32.1
e05c97a19 nano: update version to 5.7
91e1399cf nextdns: Update to version 1.32.1
9fd4ed8af bind: bump to 9.16.15
aebeefcd5 zerotier: update to 1.6.5
18b564ef5 Merge pull request #15509 from hswong3i/openwrt-19.07-SQUID_enable-ssl-crtd
ad6712d42 squid: Enable dynamic SSL certificate generation
439da3db8 mosquitto: fix log_type config support
221785358 ksmbd-tools: update to 3.3.9
3412c7a45 dnscrypt-proxy2: sync blocked-names to upstream one
139217f8a dnscrypt-proxy2: upgrade to 2.0.45
27678dc75 adblock: fix polish source URL
e426ad56b Merge pull request #15477 from rs/nextdns-1.32.0-openwrt-19.07
6027afee1 nextdns: Update to version 1.32.0
afed88b48 Merge pull request #15468 from rs/nextdns-1.12.5-openwrt-19.07
f1e6b878f nextdns: Update to version 1.12.5
11dc84032 irqbalance: upgrade to version 1.8.0
287154116 pulseaudio: update to 14.0
3bdf75bd2 pulseaudio: fix compilation without deprecated OpenSSL APIs
ba0558e8a pulseaudio: fix compilation with ICONV_FULL
1248994b9 pulseaudio: Update ARM NEON/VFP detection
4021cb65a pulseaudio: do not build NEON with unsupported platforms
8eb7d95ba pulseaudio: add lto and gc-sections to reduce size
15fb6ec36 pulseaudio: fix pkgconfig paths
eac2ca1c6 pulseaudio: update to 13.0
f0aa4486a pulseaudio: Backport upstream patch
e5701228c Merge pull request #15384 from VolunteerComputingHelp/openwrt-19.07
8ca4ab69e Merge pull request #15413 from luizluca/19.07/ruby-2.6.7
5c16a052f ruby: update to 2.6.7
807e088bb netdata: disable shared memory totals by default
09ba05583 https-dns-proxy: bugfix: race condition with dnsmasq
0072fc533 boinc: Transfer v7.16.16 from 21.02 to 19.07
ba1a801f7 adblock: fix games_tracking source url
1cf2e3530 Merge pull request #15254 from dibdot/19.07
74c8fb403 travelmate: minimal change to fix cp detection
56e1674ef rpcd-mod-lxc: add postinst to reload rpcd on update/installation
560a0ea2b ksmbd-tools: update to 3.3.8
0863ab323 ksmbd-tools: Add a mDNS TXT record for the ksmbd service
52d3ce0f6 ksmbd-tools: update to 3.3.7
f275b3f41 ksmbd-tools: update to 3.3.6
ba329c4ea ksmbd-tools: update to 3.3.5
055b1cd58 nut: fix typo in nutshutdown script
e88b4d873 netdata: update to version 1.29.3
f6bc822ff syslog-ng: update to version 3.31.2
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Bauer <>
parent 88224a20
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ OPENWRT_COMMIT=1153773c78d39d518b592f7b77180f370bcd4a60
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