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If you're new to Gluon and ready to get your feet wet, have a look at the
[Getting Started Guide](
**Gluon IRC channel: `#gluon` in [hackint](**
Gluon's developers frequent an IRC chatroom at [#gluon](ircs://
on [hackint]( There is also a [webchat](
that allows for access from within your browser.
## Issues & Feature requests
......@@ -15,9 +15,13 @@ The `main repo`_ does have issues enabled.
Gluon's developers frequent `#gluon on hackint`_. You're welcome to join us!
Gluon's developers frequent the IRC chatroom `#gluon`_ on `hackint`_.
There is a `webchat`_ that allows for easy access from within your
webbrowser. You're welcome to join us!
.. _#gluon on hackint: irc://
.. _#gluon: ircs://
.. _hackint:
.. _webchat:
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