Commit a3fd203e authored by Christof Schulze's avatar Christof Schulze

gluon-mesh-babel: add dependency: gluon-l3roamd

gluon-mesh-babel conigures babeld and thus the mesh. This mesh is only usable
with routes to the clients which are discovered by l3roamd.
parent d5a4f4fd
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ include ../
define Package/gluon-mesh-babel
TITLE:=Babel mesh
DEPENDS:=+gluon-core +babeld +mmfd +libiwinfo +libgluonutil +firewall +libjson-c +libnl-tiny +libubus +libubox +libblobmsg-json +libbabelhelper +luabitop
DEPENDS:=+gluon-core +babeld +mmfd +libiwinfo +libgluonutil +firewall +libjson-c +libnl-tiny +libubus +libubox +libblobmsg-json +libbabelhelper +luabitop +gluon-l3roamd
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