Commit 95d76d60 authored by Andreas Ziegler's avatar Andreas Ziegler Committed by Martin Weinelt

modules: update OpenWrt packages

998ef11cb grilo: copy vapi files to versioned vala dir
8f7b6a2bb grilo: update vapi files, copy to unversioned dir
b89a2903b lcdproc: Fix non x86 platforms on musl
6e079e91c Merge pull request #10763 from leonghui/wiki-link-update-18.06
3727d98ce php7: update to 7.2.26
49b5fc001 bind: Update to version 9.11.14
279f4a338 Merge pull request #10855 from BKPepe/python3-18.06
29fe5f91d python3: Updated to version 3.6.10
102c621fc Merge pull request #10846 from cshoredaniel/pr-18.06-fix-nut-cgi-initscript
45c95e862 nut: Fix NUT CGI startup script
d810a3039 Merge pull request #10752 from stangri/18.06-https-dns-proxy
036917465 https-dns-proxy: switch to https-dns-proxy package name
0a3b6465f treewide: update wiki links
44b1f65cc Merge pull request #10744 from luizluca/libvpx-fixcve
98ca3621c libvpx: backport security fixes
cce63a697 luajit: install
c1975f5a1 luajit: add .hpp to InstallDev
6f528c678 nano: update to 4.6
be3ec8bae Merge pull request #10678 from gladiac1337/haproxy-1.8.23-openwrt-18.06
bc37a31b1 haproxy: Update HAProxy to v1.8.23
fff2e26a9 transmission: sync with master branch
2986916b8 tor: update to version 4.1.6
edeac5d3a Merge pull request #9836 from cotequeiroz/grilo-plugins_xml
8794f0956 grilo-plugins: adjust CONFIGURE_ARGS
c3ab7aace grilo-plugins: remove XML::Parser build dependency
86af45302 grilo-plugins: use hostpkg glib-compile-resources
8ef82e962 transmission: Disable webseeding
bd8b4df19 transmission: Fix tracker issue with some firewalls
71969eb04 php7: Update to version 7.2.25
3d409f615 php7: mark /etc/config/php7-fastcgi as conffile
d77c32928 php7-mod-xmlreader: add conditional dependency to php7-mod-dom (fixes #10201)
8667e35c1 php7: bump to 7.2.23
8dc64ea14 php7: update to 7.2.22
882e46916 php7: update to 7.2.21
bbd4ec6cf Merge pull request #10609 from ja-pa/bind-update
d0726f1f2 bind: update to version 9.11.13 (security fix)
04a8496b7 unbound: Update to version 1.9.5
70a990ac4 Merge pull request #10520 from Kulipator/libmraa_ramips_fix
cf4e50ab7 Compilation fix & upgrade to version 0.8.1
1b64cb83d Libmraa compilation fix
d02965832 Libmraa compilation fix
b83b26c33 perl: fixed host compilation of static perl on MacOS
f496ed58d Merge pull request #9671 from BKPepe/clamav1806
340d5ce71 protobuf-c: Fix typo on build dependency.
e9c2ba68f libgd: Properly disable iconv support
e31213308 wget: provides gnu-wget
9f4f78da1 acme: Bring up-to-date with master
938818ec4 ruby: bump to 2.5.7
0f0c062d3 python-cryptography: fix CVE-2018-10903
5a9d222e5 python-cryptography: Add support for LibreSSL 2.7.x
5edcc9f30 Merge pull request #10324 from jefferyto/python-2.7.17-openwrt-18.06
f184eb5f0 python: Update to 2.7.17, refresh patches
4d9282a4d Merge pull request #10312 from stangri/18.06-vpnbypass
7001d4748 vpnbypass: bugfix: PROCD command not found on stop
7dbad81f8 Merge pull request #10279 from BKPepe/sudo-18.06
4c72f8dd6 sudo: Update to version 1.8.28p1
b504ac553 irssi: update to version 1.2.2 (security fix)
e98bc6874 Merge branch 'pr/10215' into openwrt-18.06
f2812716f Merge pull request #9997 from flyn-org/openldap-18.06
22a272ccf Merge pull request #10237 from jefferyto/gammu-fix-lib-symlinks-openwrt-18.06
6e2b8c2da gammu: Fix lib symlinks
9c7cf9880 bind: Update to version 9.11.11
728edfbdc Merge pull request #10108 from BKPepe/expat-1806
a8ca56684 Merge pull request #10167 from BKPepe/unbound18.06
e84deea05 python3-pip: fix install rule
c4710f780 nano: update to 4.5
cae699fc4 Merge pull request #10164 from stangri/18.06-simple-adblock
c674fa684 unbound: Update to version 1.9.4
0b8eee5fb unbound: update to 1.9.3
dba87ee0c simple-adblock: bugfix: proper dnsmasq reload on stop, rework start/stop logic
5452bb833 Merge pull request #10156 from gladiac1337/haproxy-1.8.21-openwrt-18.06
1bb725133 haproxy: Update HAProxy to v1.8.21
da5a8e596 Merge pull request #10155 from jefferyto/python-bpo-38243-34155-openwrt-18.06
ad7b3c618 Merge pull request #10143 from stangri/18.06-simple-adblock
dad9a1a2a python: Fix CVE-2019-16056, CVE-2019-16935
b677e3eee simple-adblock: bugfix and improvements (check description)
7a8808940 clamav: Remove build hacks
eef89800e clamav: update to version 0.100.3
b60caa494 Merge pull request #10120 from BKPepe/youtubedl-1806
2d822fb62 haveged: convert to procd
4fe703393 haveged: update to 1.9.8
36919e51f youtube-dl: Update to version 2019.9.28
00133e1e0 Merge pull request #10118 from BKPepe/libgcrypt-1806
126cdd7c6 python3: fix CVE-2019-16056 and delete two patches
0d9eeca45 python3: backport three security patches
f19f9ffc9 expat: Update to version 2.2.9
c0dea72f9 expat: update to version 2.2.7 (security fix)
deae9b348 expat: fix host build issue with docbook
fec2709d7 expat: disable docbook
fefe8e1f7 lib/expat: Update to 2.2.6
c64a4e86c Merge pull request #9893 from BKPepe/bind-18.06
d98310a3f Merge pull request #9798 from ja-pa/zmq-security-fix-18.06
03fb174ec net/mosquitto: bump to 1.5.9 for CVE
8eca9c916 python-crypto: Fix two CVEs
7ec22baf1 libgcrypt: backport fix for CVE-2019-13627
9265be544 zmq: fix CVE-2019-13132
3772cdb3d openldap: update to 2.4.48
bbc22a721 openldap: Add static function declaration
c272beb43 openldap: version update and new build parameters
ec029b9ae openldap: Switch tarball sources to https and http
e0af45ff7 bind: Update to version 9.11.10

Compile-tested: ar71xx-generic
Runtime-tested: ar71xx-generic
parent 55801e24
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ OPENWRT_COMMIT=83ce31d3d88429b094f3436446294a17fa7041d4
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