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......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ the future development of Gluon.
Please refrain from using the `master` branch for anything else but development purposes!
Use the most recent release instead. You can list all releases by running `git tag`
and switch to one by running `git checkout v2018.1.1 && make update`.
and switch to one by running `git checkout v2018.1.2 && make update`.
If you're using the autoupdater, do not autoupdate nodes with anything but releases.
If you upgrade using random master commits the nodes *will break* eventually.
......@@ -70,6 +70,7 @@ Several Freifunk communities in Germany use Gluon as the foundation of their Fre
:caption: Releases
:maxdepth: 1
Gluon 2018.1.2
* Fix a bug leading to missing IPv6 addresses in respondd announcements
(`#1523 <https://github.com/freifunk-gluon/gluon/issues/1523>`_)
The pattern that was used to match addresses from /proc/net/if_inet6
did not expect interface indexes growing past two characters.
* Mark ipq806x target as broken for unstable client WiFi
(`#1505 <https://github.com/freifunk-gluon/gluon/issues/1505>`_)
Station connections to the QCA9880 radio on the TP-Link C2600s are frequently
disconnected, leading to an abysmal user experience.
* Fix button behaviour on FRITZ!Box 4020
(`#1544 <https://github.com/freifunk-gluon/gluon/pull/1544>`_)
Buttons were triggering an instant reboot into config mode, fix by setting
buttons to active low instead of active high.
* Prevent caching of redirects on config mode and status page
(`#1530 <https://github.com/freifunk-gluon/gluon/issues/1530>`_)
As the path to both config mode and status page were changed between versions
users could be affected by a redirect to a no more valid URL.
* batman-adv has received two bugfixes, which were `backported <https://github.com/openwrt-routing/packages/commit/7bf62cc8b556b5046f9bbd37687376fe9ea175bb>`_ from v2018.4
Other changes
* Linux kernel has been updated to v4.4.153
Known issues
* Default TX power on many Ubiquiti devices is too high, correct offsets are unknown (`#94 <https://github.com/freifunk-gluon/gluon/issues/94>`_)
Reducing the TX power in the Advanced Settings is recommended.
* The MAC address of the WAN interface is modified even when Mesh-on-WAN is disabled (`#496 <https://github.com/freifunk-gluon/gluon/issues/496>`_)
This may lead to issues in environments where a fixed MAC address is expected (like VMware when promicious mode is disallowed).
* Inconsistent respondd API (`#522 <https://github.com/freifunk-gluon/gluon/issues/522>`_)
The current API is inconsistent and will be replaced eventually. The old API will still be supported for a while.
* Frequent reboots due to out-of-memory or high load due to memory pressure on weak hardware specially in larger meshes
(`#1243 <https://github.com/freifunk-gluon/gluon/issues/1243>`_)
Optimizations in Gluon 2018.1 have significantly improved memory usage.
There are still known bugs leading to unreasonably high load that we hope to
solve in future releases.
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ Gluon's releases are managed using `Git tags`_. If you are just getting
started with Gluon we recommend to use the latest stable release of Gluon.
Take a look at the `list of gluon releases`_ and notice the latest release,
e.g. *v2018.1.1*. Always get Gluon using git and don't try to download it
e.g. *v2018.1.2*. Always get Gluon using git and don't try to download it
as a Zip archive as the archive will be missing version information.
Please keep in mind that there is no "default Gluon" build; a site configuration
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ Building the images
To build Gluon, first check out the repository. Replace *RELEASE* with the
version you'd like to checkout, e.g. *v2018.1.1*.
version you'd like to checkout, e.g. *v2018.1.2*.
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