Commit 8c058af8 authored by Christof Schulze's avatar Christof Schulze
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gluon-mesh-babel: remove broken log-file option from config

log-file /dev/stderr is broken for babeld as it eats log messages for debug log.
This commit gets rid of the option. This allows -d N to be used as babeld command
line option.
parent 68ee1db9
......@@ -7,7 +7,6 @@ file =, "w")
file:write("ipv6-subtrees true\n")
file:write("reflect-kernel-metric true\n")
file:write("export-table 254\n")
file:write("log-file /dev/stderr\n")
file:write("import-table 254\n")
file:write("out ip " .. site.next_node.ip6() .. "/128 deny\n")
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