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:caption: Releases
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Gluon 2018.2.1
Added hardware support
- Fritz!WLAN Repeater 300E
* Nexx
- WT3020AD/F/H [#noibss]_
* Gl.iNet
- MT300N (v2) [#noibss]_
* Netgear
- R6120 [#noibss]_
* TP-Link
- Archer C50 (v3, v4) [#noibss]_
- TL-WR841N (v13) [#noibss]_
* Fixes a bug in the batman-adv respondd module that caused duplicate
IPv6 addresses in nodeinfo replies (`#1615 <>`_)
This was visible on the status page and several map implementations.
The new implementation uses netlink instead of parsing `/proc/net/if_inet6`.
* Fixes a localization issue in gluon-config-mode-geo-location which
resulted in a partial translation of the wizard's location section
text. (`#1611 <>`_)
* Fixes the display of the improved memory usage estimation in gluon-status-page
This change was actually already merged in time for v2018.2 but the
JavaScript was not rebuilt.
* Fixes automatic updates for several devices by adding and updating
the autoupdater image names
This affects the following devices:
* GL.iNet GL-AR150,
* GL.iNet GL-AR300M
* GL.iNet GL-AR750
* Raspberry Pi Model B+ Rev 1.2
* Fixes the primary MAC address selection for Unifi AC
Lite/Mesh/Pro/Mesh Pro (`#1629 <>`_)
* Fixes low data rate selection for multicast and management frames on
ath10k and ath10k-ct (`#1644 <>`_)
A patchset has been backported that notifies these drivers of requested data rate changes
* Fixes the data rate selection in ath10k and ath10k-ct when no
`mcast_rate` is configured (`#1657 <>`_)
Previously a missing mcast_rate could result in broken 5 GHz connectivity
New features
Scheduled domain switch
Gluon has support for multiple domains since its v2018.1 release.
The scheduled domain switch allows for reliable migrations between
domains at a preconfigured time.
This can be useful for communities that, among other things, plan to
* migrate between IBSS and 802.11s
* activate VXLAN encapsulation on wired mesh links
Improved frequency band distribution of dual-band radios
A new algorithm that improves the distribution of dual-band radios was
added. They will now be evenly distributed between the 2.4 and 5 GHz
band, with a preference towards 2.4 GHz.
If a device has only a single dual-band radio, like the AVM FRITZ!WLAN
Repeater 300E, it will be configured for 2.4 GHz.
Known issues
* Default TX power on many Ubiquiti devices is too high, correct offsets are
unknown (`#94 <>`_)
Reducing the TX power in the Advanced Settings is recommended.
* The MAC address of the WAN interface is modified even when Mesh-on-WAN is
disabled (`#496 <>`_)
This may lead to issues in environments where a fixed MAC address is expected
(like VMware when promiscuous mode is disallowed).
* Inconsistent respondd API
(`#522 <>`_)
The current API is inconsistent and will be replaced eventually. The old API
will still be supported for a while.
* Frequent reboots due to out-of-memory or high load due to memory pressure on
weak hardware specially in larger meshes
(`#1243 <>`_)
Optimizations in Gluon 2018.1 have significantly improved memory usage.
There are still known bugs leading to unreasonably high load that we hope to
solve in future releases.
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