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Mention names of opkg-keys in doc
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......@@ -159,6 +159,14 @@ to sign the generated package repository).
OpenWrt will handle the generation and handling of the keys itself.
When making firmware releases based on Gluon, it might make sense to store
the keypair, so updating the module repository later is possible.
In fact you should take care to reuse the same opkg keypair, so you don't pollute the key
store (see ``/etc/opkg/keys``) on the node.
The signing-key is stored at ``openwrt/key-build.pub``, ``openwrt/key-build``,
``key-build.ucert`` and ``key-build.ucert.revoke``.
The ``openwrt`` directory is the Git checkout, that gets created after calling ``make update``.
After making a fresh clone copy the key files to the aforementioned locations.
.. _getting-started-make-variables:
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