modules: update packages

6305d09b1 Merge pull request #10063 from stangri/18.06-simple-adblock
fb43709a6 simple-adblock: dnsmasq.ipset option support, better handling of IDNs, updated README
29cd578d6 Merge pull request #10041 from neheb/djj
f29206251 django: Update to 1.8.19
f587f31ad lighttpd: mark module configuration files
19879284a dovecot: Update to version
8f42d4b71 wget: fix CVE-2018-20483
f6e7b56a5 fastd: fix init script for multiple VPN instances
06cc48c49 haveged: update to 1.9.6
6014389c5 Merge pull request #9894 from BKPepe/keepalived-18.06
7a7820fb1 Merge pull request #9904 from RussellSenior/my-18.06
18f9e437c patch: rename CVE-2019-13638 patch to mollify uscan
abe523c57 patch: apply upstream patch for CVE-2019-13638
a3d8698e3 tools/patch: apply upstream patch for CVE-2019-13636
ebb9b3f17 exfat-nofuse: drop BUILD_PATENTED
2d9a3eff4 keepalived: add patch for CVE-2018-19115
e4508a351 keepalived: Update to version 1.4.5
6d8293801 lighttpd: fix CVE-2018-19052
55dcffd7f Merge pull request #9841 from cshoredaniel/pr-18.06-nut-targetted
bdddb2127 Merge pull request #9703 from BKPepe/squid-18.06
e45c2f206 Merge pull request #9814 from guidosarducci/speedtest-18.06
f01e4171d Merge pull request #9777 from BKPepe/tar_1806
85b1ca7fb Merge pull request #9821 from cotequeiroz/vim_host
c1aa1f784 nut: Bump PKG_RELEASE
361e6aaaa nut: Handle FSD properly
a2ab989c1 nut: Fix init actions (server/driver)
ef0bd0140 nut: Fix extra diver params config
77519cd20 nut: Fix permissions with runas
e97684652 nut: Fix statepath handling
5f69f9a06 nut: Fix unset of runas user (ups server)
ccdec71b5 nut: Fix bad check for conf exists
c963f0c29 nut: Fix upsmon init actions
d06bd2d7e nut: Fix unset of runas user (upsmon)
020dfd454 nut: Remove unecessary libwrap dependency
7fe013ce7 nano: update to 4.4
f50edf52d ttyd: Add dependency for vim
d9b29fe5e vim: Add host build to install xxd
5640d6e68 speedtest-netperf: new package to measure network performance
fded0497e Merge pull request #9789 from ja-pa/libarchive-security-fix-18.06
43f49bdbc apinger: Update to latest git revision
45e38f116 node-serialport: fix i386 build fail
19ee25df6 node-hid: fix i386 build fail
232df2821 libarchive: update to version 3.4.0 (security fix)
3bdadf4d7 Merge branch 'pr/9778' into openwrt-18.06
14219822e fastd: update URL and PKG_SOURCE_URL
41a85be71 libuecc: update URL and PKG_SOURCE_URL
51462b3df Merge pull request #9754 from champtar/openwrt-18.06
23eeeeadc bind: update to 9.11.9
0d7a23418 tar: update to version 1.32
70e3f5d17 tar: Update to 1.31
01466e76e lcdringer: Remove libcheck dependency to fix compilation
502ccc496 Merge pull request #9765 from stangri/18.06-simple-adblock
ddcbf080a dovecot: update to version
8e8087706 [18.06] simple-adblock: support for varios DNS resolvers/options
a4314b868 linknx: Fix compilation with libiconv
ca99a333e rp-pppoe: redo glibc patch
5327a95d6 rp-pppoe: Fixed compilation with glibc
19d101bd2 ldbus: Add zip/host build dependency
db85d6ec9 gcc: Do not build on ARC
80742d0da prometheus-node-exporter-lua: add target & system to OpenWrt collector
06e513ba3 prometheus-node-exporter-lua: Add more wifi_station metrics and fix naming according to original wifi_linux.go node exporter
60002eb62 prometheus-node-exporter-lua: Bump PKG_RELEASE
1014b0987 prometheus-node-exporter-lua: Add wifi_station_count
0d224bdfa prometheus-node-exporter-lua: wifi packets should be a counter
a08f5e17f prometheus-node-exporter-lua: Bump PKG_RELEASE
b03545e0b prometheus-node-exporter-lua: fix missing conntrack values
70bd5a36c prometheus-node-exporter-lua: change network metric type to counter
ad34675df prometheus-node-exporter-lua: add lantiq dsl modem collector
d921407d4 openssh: fix pthread functions redefine with pam module
df3d2312c Merge pull request #9403 from BKPepe/yt-18.06
6d55ff558 Merge pull request #9513 from BKPepe/openwrt-18.06_python_shebang
b29ecaa11 libinput: Add missing header to fix compilation
3414ca250 libglog: fix removing libunwind dependency
e41a914bf libseccomp: workaround a recursive dependency
a1eccf223 lxc: Backport uClibc patch
08c0b2949 lxc: hide seccomp support for arc
d3e54adcd lxc: Disable use of unwanted libraries explicity
bb1882d29 boost: Fix compilation with uClibc-ng
ad26261e1 iodine: Fix compilation with uClibc-ng
e42f8da51 mariadb: add dependency on libaio for arc as well
29e7e0619 libudev-fbsd: update to git source as of 2017-12-16
a0e1a7700 Merge pull request #9710 from BKPepe/icu_fix
4bda1ca54 icu: fix patch, which adds big endian ARM support
78bf09b08 golang: update to version 1.10.8
fa384e518 libgee: copy vapi files to versioned vala dir
2d59ec88d libgee: use unversioned vala dir, misc fixes
d7a071f4a icu: Fix patch from faulty backport
1607a5bd8 squid: update to version 3.5.28
983bd0370 protobuf-c: add build time dependency protobuf
87b6ed6b9 jamvm: depends on supported architectures
ca0e429e2 icu: Backport ARMEB support patch
ad43d622e gammu: Really fix compilation under 64-bit
1ad4f3a9b gammu: Fix build under 64-bit targets.
cdbc72464 youtube-dl: update to version 2019.8.2
af975f0f3 python,python3: Fix overridden usr/bin symlinks
421c58a94 python,python3: move shebang handle in install script
243f921ae subversion: update to version 1.10.6
70a1ffdf0 jq: compile with _GNU_SOURCE (fixes #7785)
fb0566686 libsoc: fix compilation error caused by multiple goals on make
1fec7ea23 rtl-ais: Fix compilation on i386
de750bba0 libdouble-conversion: Update to 3.1.4
49a6444ab libdouble-conversion: Update to 3.1.1
056cad1e0 libaio: Update to 0.3.112
b4e4e5a00 libaio: Backport DESTDIR patch to simplify the Makefile
7ccc104c9 libaio: Update to 0.3.111
d6145ce0c quassel-irssi: Fix compilation with GCC8
47e4537fd quasselc: Fix compilation with uClibc-ng
b26ffad37 Merge pull request #9625 from micmac1/18.06-mariadb10141
e5cc721c7 mariadb: security bump to 10.1.41
parent 50940cd7
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ OPENWRT_COMMIT=491e839262fd2bf7417c57e12ebb7383011dae1c
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