Commit 4aebb0fd authored by Micha Lenk's avatar Micha Lenk Committed by Andreas Ziegler
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docs: getting_started: Update to Debian Stretch (#1602)

I just followed this document on a Debian Stretch, and it worked out of
the box. So let's use Debian's current stable release here.
parent c6ad7119
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ An example configuration can be found in the Gluon repository at *docs/site-exam
To build Gluon, several packages need to be installed on the system. On a
freshly installed Debian Wheezy system the following packages are required:
freshly installed Debian Stretch system the following packages are required:
* `git` (to get Gluon and other dependencies)
* `subversion`
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