Commit 278108dd authored by Martin Weinelt's avatar Martin Weinelt
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modules: update packages

5de163d67 vallumd: bump to 0.1.4
b8c2c2b1b mosquitto: update to 1.5.7
8a2d56684 irssi: update to 1.2.0
d0f5ae180 [18.06] python3: fix [CVE-2018-20406]
dad217d34 shadowsocks-libev: flush ss rules on entry
bbc2e68ed mosquitto: bump to 1.5.6
9ffcfea19 mariadb: bump to 10.1.38
09b794ecc stubby: update to version 0.2.4
41c4f82f8 stubby: Remove iamperson347 from maintainer
2cf2210d8 stubby: add Jonathan Underwood as co-maintainer (#7307)
709a73604 stubby: add reload_config to documentation
aa8380721 stubby: fix loading of config file
6e2451dd0 stubby: add uci support to init file
7a2b9df89 stubby: bump PKG_RELEASE
304596d21 stubby: remove unnecessary core limit
fd8505f76 stubby: add SPKI pin set for Cloudflare cert
b77053d35 stubby: add Cloudflare and ::1001 servers
3f17c54f2 stubby: use EDNS client-subnet privacy by default
935126632 stubby: fix config file definition
d3b090a31 stubby: rearrange Makefile for clarity
a3a73ef7b stubby: add missing dependency on ca-certificates
ccf0c71ac getdns: update to version 1.5.0
07e647645 getdns: Remove iamperson347 from maintainer
ca7555e52 getdns: fix missing libbsd dependency
cc8439566 acme: Fix loading credentials
fb3dd71ef youtube-dl: update to version 2019.01.30.1
4368783e9 python-idna: Add missing dependency on python(3)-codecs
480e4d7e8 python/python3: Fix lib2to3 fixes search
02dd97d14 libsndfile: update to 42132c543358cee9f7c3e9e9b15bb6c1063a608e
34dec8190 python3: backport CVE-2018-14647 patch from upstream [18.06]
3785db429 python: backport CVE-2018-14647 patches from upstream [18.06]
8f41fa7f8 nut: Default to run as root but fix alt runas
f7048b725 libsndfile: update to 8ddc442d539ca775d80cdbc7af17a718634a743f a/ulaw: fix multiple buffer overflows
e3f32b75b python/python3: fix .dist-info missing for setuptools and pip

Compile-tested: ramips-mt7621, ar71xx-generic
parent f63f97aa
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ OPENWRT_COMMIT=1be6ff6dc0ab53d2191c49c32cae7f6f9aadd14d
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