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......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ the future development of Gluon.
Please refrain from using the `master` branch for anything else but development purposes!
Use the most recent release instead. You can list all releases by running `git tag`
and switch to one by running `git checkout v2021.1 && make update`.
and switch to one by running `git checkout v2021.1.1 && make update`.
If you're using the autoupdater, do not autoupdate nodes with anything but releases.
If you upgrade using random master commits the nodes *will break* eventually.
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ copyright = '2015-2021, Project Gluon'
author = 'Project Gluon'
# The short X.Y version
version = '2021.1'
version = '2021.1.1'
# The full version, including alpha/beta/rc tags
release = version
......@@ -78,6 +78,7 @@ Several Freifunk communities in Germany use Gluon as the foundation of their Fre
:caption: Releases
:maxdepth: 1
Gluon 2021.1.1
Important notes
Upgrades to v2021.1 and later releases are only supported from releases v2018.2 and later. This is due to migrations that have been removed to simplify maintenance.
Added hardware support
* Joy-IT
- JT-OR750i
* Xiaomi
- Mi Router 4A (100M Edition)
- Missing bandwith limit settings resulted in a respondd crash for v2021.1.
- The Tunneldigger VPN provider was not registered with the Gluon VPN backend, resulting in broken Tunneldigger configurations.
- Disabling Radio interfaces in v2021.1 could lead to nullpointer dereferences in the respondd airtime module, as the survey returns no data in this case.
Known issues
* Upgrading EdgeRouter-X from versions before v2020.1.x may lead to a soft-bricked state due to bad blocks on the NAND flash which the NAND driver before this release does not handle well.
(`#1937 <https://github.com/freifunk-gluon/gluon/issues/1937>`_)
* The integration of the BATMAN_V routing algorithm is incomplete.
- Mesh neighbors don't appear on the status page. (`#1726 <https://github.com/freifunk-gluon/gluon/issues/1726>`_)
Many tools have the BATMAN_IV metric hardcoded, these need to be updated to account for the new throughput
- Throughput values are not correctly acquired for different interface types.
(`#1728 <https://github.com/freifunk-gluon/gluon/issues/1728>`_)
This affects virtual interface types like bridges and VXLAN.
* Default TX power on many Ubiquiti devices is too high, correct offsets are unknown
(`#94 <https://github.com/freifunk-gluon/gluon/issues/94>`_)
Reducing the TX power in the Advanced Settings is recommended.
* In configurations without VXLAN, the MAC address of the WAN interface is modified even when Mesh-on-WAN is disabled
(`#496 <https://github.com/freifunk-gluon/gluon/issues/496>`_)
This may lead to issues in environments where a fixed MAC address is expected (like VMware when promiscuous mode is disallowed).
-- This is an example site configuration for Gluon v2021.1
-- This is an example site configuration for Gluon v2021.1.1
-- Take a look at the documentation located at
-- https://gluon.readthedocs.io/ for details.
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ Gluon's releases are managed using `Git tags`_. If you are just getting
started with Gluon we recommend to use the latest stable release of Gluon.
Take a look at the `list of gluon releases`_ and notice the latest release,
e.g. *v2021.1*. Always get Gluon using git and don't try to download it
e.g. *v2021.1.1*. Always get Gluon using git and don't try to download it
as a Zip archive as the archive will be missing version information.
Please keep in mind that there is no "default Gluon" build; a site configuration
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ Building the images
To build Gluon, first check out the repository. Replace *RELEASE* with the
version you'd like to checkout, e.g. *v2021.1*.
version you'd like to checkout, e.g. *v2021.1.1*.
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