Commit 5aa0dc6b authored by rubo77's avatar rubo77
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correct file permissions for micron.d file and add reload to example in readme

parent 406deca4
......@@ -66,7 +66,8 @@ scp luasrc/lib/gluon/upgrade/500-ssid-changer $LOGIN:/lib/gluon/upgrade/
ssh $ROUTER_IP "/lib/gluon/upgrade/500-ssid-changer;" \
"uci set ssid-changer.settings.switch_timeframe='$DEFAULT_TIMEFRAME';" \
"uci commit ssid-changer;" \
"uci show ssid-changer;"
"uci show ssid-changer;" \
"/etc/init.d/micrond reload;"
logread |grep -v "fastd" & logread -f |grep -v "fastd"
File mode changed from 100755 to 100644
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