Commit 413b4910 authored by Sven Eckelmann's avatar Sven Eckelmann Committed by Ruben Barkow
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Fix access of site data while initializing config

The module request that the structure elements are called to get
the actual content of the string. The simple-uci will not do that and
instead cause an exception because the caller didn't provide a string.
parent dbaaff37
......@@ -9,13 +9,13 @@ if site.ssid_changer == nil then
elseif not uci:get('ssid-changer', 'settings', 'enabled') then
uci:section('ssid-changer', 'main', 'settings', {
enabled = '1',
switch_timeframe = site.ssid_changer.switch_timeframe or '30',
first = site.ssid_changer.first or '5',
prefix = site.ssid_changer.prefix or 'FF_Offline_',
suffix = site.ssid_changer.suffix or 'nodename',
tq_limit_enabled = site.ssid_changer.tq_limit_enabled or false,
tq_limit_max = site.ssid_changer.tq_limit_max or 45,
tq_limit_min = site.ssid_changer.tq_limit_min or 35,
switch_timeframe = site.ssid_changer.switch_timeframe() or '30',
first = site.ssid_changer.first() or '5',
prefix = site.ssid_changer.prefix() or 'FF_Offline_',
suffix = site.ssid_changer.suffix() or 'nodename',
tq_limit_enabled = site.ssid_changer.tq_limit_enabled() or false,
tq_limit_max = site.ssid_changer.tq_limit_max() or 45,
tq_limit_min = site.ssid_changer.tq_limit_min() or 35,
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