Commit fd0b1194 authored by Nico's avatar Nico

remove useless quotes

parent 5b6dd0db
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ do
NEWPEER=$(printf "\"\" port %d" $i $GITSEG $PORT)
NEWDOMAIN=$(printf "\"ffs_seg%02d\"" $GITSEG)
if [ "$NEWDOMAIN" != "$OLDDOMAIN" ]; then
uci set gluon.core.domain="$NEWDOMAIN"
uci set gluon.core.domain=$NEWDOMAIN
logger -t $ME "setting domain from $OLDDOMAIN to $NEWDOMAIN, this would reboot"
#gluon-reconfigure #off for safety
#uci commit gluon #lets not do this right now. might wear off flash memories and we can easily recover the information on the next reboot from DNS.
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