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# Gluon-Packages
Additional Gluon-Packages for Freifunk-Stuttgart (Development Versions only).
The official Packages can be found on ""
Adopted patch from Freifunk Rhein-Neckar (FFRN) to reduce memory consumption on nodes with less than 40 MB RAM
by disabling "haveged" in non-config mode.
Nodes will get information on assigned segment number (subnet) by special DNS-Request based on node-id and first
part of public fastd key to avoid trial an error of fastd-connection process. Result of DNS-Request is dummy IPv6
with segment number in last field. Originally all 90 peer entries (10 Gateways x 9 Segments) must be tried out until
match is found, resulting in very long setup/connecting time.
Additional field for zip code on location page in config mode. Information is set to nodeinfo.location and will be
available by respondd and/or alfred.
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