Commit 41d7f879 authored by ffs-Monitor's avatar ffs-Monitor
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checking DNS-Response for correct format to avoid answers for non existent URLs.

parent b107f65b
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ fi
NODEID=$(uci get network.bat0.macaddr | sed 's/://g')
PUBKEY=$(/etc/init.d/fastd show_key mesh_vpn | cut -c1-12)
SEGINFO=$(nslookup ffs-$NODEID-$ [::1]:54 | tail -n1)
SEGINFO=$(nslookup ffs-$NODEID-$ [::1]:54 | grep "2001:2:0:711::")
if [ -z "$SEGINFO" ]; then
echo Node not known
exit 1
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