Commit bae72d9a authored by Martin Weinelt's avatar Martin Weinelt
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modules: update packages

b7bcf24a0 znc: backport CVE fixes to 1.6
f91539e92 Merge pull request #7807 from D-Albers/openwrt-18.06
550de2331 Merge pull request #8449 from micmac1/ssh2-1806-181
16fcd6d38 mosquitto: bump to v1.5.8
1a23db5b2 php7: Add PKG_CPE_ID for proper CVE tracking
7aacf2423 php7: update to 7.2.16
27433fc3e php7: fix cross compiling patch (fixes #8166)
00f6119bd php7: update to 7.2.15
ef57201aa php7: update to 7.2.14
e9271cf27 php7: update to 7.2.13
1308ba92c php7: update to 7.2.12
9e330d6e9 php7: update to 7.2.11
5e25be535 php7: update to 7.2.10
85c616557 php7: adjust load priority for openssl (fixes #6893)
31d279c96 nano: update to 4.0
59aa52ccd libssh2: version bump/CVE fixes
e47fe43ea Jinja2: Update to 2.10
8d7e62d95 ruby: update to 2.5.5
17a0279dd ruby: fix build for uclibc
017b74d35 vpnc: fix IPv6-triggered inoperability
563aafcee postgresql: Revert adding build dependency to zlib/host
3323ebddf Merge pull request #8403 from BKPepe/transmission_openwrt-18.06
c0293cd99 Merge pull request #8402 from BKPepe/netdata_openwrt-18.06
9bb4bcc9b Merge pull request #8395 from EricLuehrsen/unbound_191_1806
d444a910f transmission: update to version 2.94
99c3670bb Netdata: update to version 1.12.2
1e347beb3 libtalloc: Merge 2.1.14 from master (remove libbsd dependency)
a476bf8d0 unbound: update to 1.9.1
060e59a28 Merge pull request #8386 from wvdakker/openwrt-18.06
86efe678a Shorewall6: Bump to
9cdc22eef Shorewall: Bump to
3669215b2 Shorewall6-lite: Bump to
762093fe7 Shorewall-lite: Bump to
1a97a8444 Shorewall-core: Bump to
121072523 postgresql: add HOST_BUILD_DEPENDS:=zlib/host
daef6665b gnurl: update to version 7.64.0
5fff80472 libgabe: add package
cb253649a libpbc: add new package
f03acaa39 Merge pull request #8346 from Cynerd/jinja2-missing-dep-18.06
2324d341e Jinja2: add missing dependency on markupsafe
0ba0e0d1b gnunet: revert accidentally applied libmicrohttpd changes
799c409d3 gnunet-secushare: add package (replacing gnunet-social package)
d70e35ba1 gnunet: GNUnet v0.11.0 release
799f553b2 postgresql: update to version 9.6.12
257dfbb55 libextractor: update to version 1.9
6c2266acf gnurl: update to version 7.63.0
3e6d392e0 openvswitch: bump to version 2.8.5
931070c26 jool: Backport two fixes for newer kernels.

(cherry picked from commit 23cc093b)
parent 93be7ad5
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ OPENWRT_COMMIT=ca8b4d684b57d7eee0329eae86d68ec5581615f7
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