Commit 92ecb316 authored by Vincent Wiemann's avatar Vincent Wiemann Committed by Martin Weinelt
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ar71xx-generic: Fix packages for GL.iNet AR750 (#1792)

The profile for GL.iNet AR750 currently selects ATH10K_PACKAGES, but this device actually has a QCA9887 which needs another driver.
This commit fixes the issue by setting ATH10K_PACKAGES_QCA9887 instead.

(cherry picked from commit 0a22218304c2481dd1e8e606e7df6ea40b078f6e)
parent 2280cb3a
......@@ -85,9 +85,10 @@ factory
device gl.inet-gl-ar750 gl-ar750
manifest_alias gl-ar750
packages $ATH10K_PACKAGES
packages $ATH10K_PACKAGES_QCA9887
# Linksys by Cisco
device linksys-wrt160nl wrt160nl WRT160NL
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