1. 07 May, 2022 1 commit
  2. 05 May, 2022 5 commits
  3. 04 May, 2022 3 commits
  4. 03 May, 2022 1 commit
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      ecdsautils: verify: fix signature verification (CVE-2022-24884) · 2b5d4b88
      Matthias Schiffer authored
      A vulnerability was found in ecdsautils which allows forgery of ECDSA
      signatures. An adversary exploiting this vulnerability can create an update
      manifest accepted by the autoupdater, which can be used to distribute
      malicious firmware updates by spoofing a Gluon node's connection to the
      update server.
  5. 02 May, 2022 1 commit
  6. 21 Apr, 2022 3 commits
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      Merge pull request #2486 from freifunk-gluon/v2021.1.x-update-modules · cf1b5505
      Matthias Schiffer authored
      v2021.1.x: update modules
    • Matthias Schiffer's avatar
      modules: update OpenWrt packages · 386fd5b1
      Matthias Schiffer authored
      1c5e4c80f49b zabbix: update to version 4.0.37
    • Matthias Schiffer's avatar
      modules: update OpenWrt base · 7fc3fdc2
      Matthias Schiffer authored
      ecbbb373edf7 wolfssl: fix compilation with /dev/crypto
      f6e22f0956a1 OpenWrt v19.07.10: revert to branch defaults
      d03dc49943db OpenWrt v19.07.10: adjust config defaults
      9ce6aa9d8d8a wolfssl: bump to 5.2.0
      698cdf02020a mac80211: Update to version 4.19.237-1
      26a8be9c9814 kernel: generic: add missing symbol for arm64 spectre mitigation
      ae2af91edddd kernel: generic: reorder kernel config options
      058c2347c51f imagebuilder: fix broken image generation with external targets
      d39a6c67dcb4 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.275
      9aa35fada652 patchelf: backport fix for rpath endianness
  7. 29 Mar, 2022 5 commits
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      Merge pull request #2401 from freifunk-gluon/v2021.1.x-update-modules · ad430d33
      Matthias Schiffer authored
      v2021.1.x: update modules
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      modules: update Gluon packages · 4aa73858
      Matthias Schiffer authored
      f9ef3fc7d9d7 treewide: change Github URLs from git:// to https:// (#252)
    • Matthias Schiffer's avatar
      modules: update routing packages · ad786c78
      Matthias Schiffer authored
      8f23999365de ahcpd: use SHA256 hash and use HTTPS everywhere
      04e7f66aa770 mcproxy: Fix compilation with uClibc-ng
      bf77e5f0e026 cjdns-tests: Don't build on ARC (#487)
      01417ad6817a cjdns: Do not build on ARC
      653ec59929cc olsrd: remove empty .gitignore file
      3f095f7f7ef0 pimbd: add PKG_MIRROR_HASH
      c1a2f7a25255 oonf-olsrd2: add PKG_MIRROR_HASH
      2f9236d864ac oonf-dlep-radio: add PKG_MIRROR_HASH
      20f3e5171029 oonf-dlep-proxy: add PKG_MIRROR_HASH
      e05cb068c499 olsrd: add PKG_MIRROR_HASH
      e37cf04da41a ohybridproxy: add PKG_MIRROR_HASH, refresh patch
      95cd0ce4b5a1 mrd6: add PKG_MIRROR_HASH
      00eacef47b5e minimalist-pcproxy: add PKG_MIRROR_HASH
      84b7b3c55337 mcproxy: add PKG_MIRROR_HASH
      f17815946a1b hnetd: add PKG_MIRROR_HASH, refresh patch
      372ec6288639 cjdns: add PKG_MIRROR_HASH
      ce5adaab9520 CI: fix multi-arch-test-build for 19.07 branch
      2ed5a04ab819 CI: fix runtime testing for non master branch
      c755ab8dce1c issuetemplate: reference foreign repos
      cccff55a6288 CI: fix building multi-arch-test-build
      63625f7e1987 CI: copy .github from openwrt-packages
      df9f33c52277 batman-adv: Merge bugfixes from 2022.0
      7a3e63fd45fe batman-adv: Merge bugfixes from 2021.4
      c8734df67719 batman-adv: Refresh patches with quilt
      3c10076826a5 batman-adv: Merge bugfixes from 2021.2
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      modules: update OpenWrt packages · 48f6a11e
      Matthias Schiffer authored
      5a842639dc87 nano: provide nano-full with most features enabled
      165c5625a3c6 netatalk: update to version 3.1.13
      7b9c8fd48743 coova-chilli: add dependency for miniportal
      6732d0573d62 coova-chilli: clean up Makefile
      6ac4167c7318 coova-chilli: remove dnslog option
      384c9dc68fed coova-chili: Fix version
      944bae08d00c coova-chilli: Update to 1.5
      3398ed29b0c0 python3: Update to 3.7.13, refresh patches
      e8dc42753c64 bind: bump to 9.16.27
      17e7ca6e2e66 syslog-ng: update to version 3.36.1
      79db9a8e246e expat: import patches for CVEs
      448eb6e4b999 expat: update to 2.2.10
      31098bd6b274 htpdate: drop www.freebsd.org from default server list
      4c461f9e8559 nano: update to 6.2
      8129d30e3653 nano: update to 6.1
      e234ea1ae48b ruby: update to 2.6.9
      c0c89af7c4fa bind: update to version 9.16.25
      56cf18027b67 CI: fix runtime testing for non master branch
      5578d60f9ad9 nano: Add a plus variant with more features
      864ffb6ca1b9 nss: backport patch for CVE-2021-43527
      0af741cd16ce prosody: update to version 0.11.13
      20e42ca81e02 prosody: fix shellcheck warnings
      0319712eda5e prosody: update to 0.11.7
      22a3a54a9c8a prosody: update to 0.11.5
      199860fa3ad3 prosody: /etc/prosody permissions fix
      498bcd4e25c7 prosody: Update to 0.11.3
      057803706e99 tvheadend: fix conffiles section
      765307772f15 domoticz: backport patch to fix compilation with uClibc-ng
      572392a8ac20 domoticz: bump to 4.10717
      8d91ba86a956 domoticz: Fix compilation without deprecated OpenSSL APIs
      7bb0a7e929cb netdata: Update init script to use -D rather than -nd
      6317eabad70e apache: security bump to 2.4.51
      4af8afe6ccde haveged: update to 1.9.17
      f299c29a45fc treewide: add missing BUILDONLY
      64d0238a1bef zsh: drop bash syntax in postinst
      ea3e54accd11 zsh: fix invalid postrm script and little refactor of scripts
      5a9b5ee78cd2 nano: update to version 6.0
      e1a2d908c3de msmtp: update to version
      535f4804b661 postgresql: security update to version 11.14
      e93fc5a20f57 libs/c-ares: fix domain hijacking CVE-2021-3672
      45218f20597b msmtp: update to version 1.8.17
      d216572bb147 syslog-ng: update to version 3.35.1
      1d5b64958b79 icu: Fix memory bug w/ baseName
      e1feccd5aeb7 ddns-scripts: Fix wrong whitespace in preinst and postinst scripts
      c559096e03e5 bind: update to version 9.16.23
      af8fe2363d07 cyrus-sasl: patch CVE-2019-19906
      903d79b3872b php7: Clean up and update distributed php.ini for php 7.2.34
      496f50a754cf syslog-ng: update to version 3.34.1
      61741b3249d6 ffmpeg: update to version 3.4.9 (security fix)
      9abe24fb49fa bind: Bump to 9.16.22
      cb4433c4baa1 tvheadend: update libhdhomerun
      18af9b9e2132 bind: update to version 9.16.21
      bb0ed00885eb nextdns: Update to version 1.37.3
      c493a603cdbf vpn-policy-routing: downgrade to 0.2.1-13
      20a9e8700b3d python-dateutil: Add missing HOST_PYTHON3_PACKAGE_BUILD_DEPENDS
      e933f6f749aa python-importlib-metadata: Pin setuptools-scm version
      a5de193e5422 simple-adblock: update to 1.8.8-1
      af3643f9b00d https-dns-proxy: update to 2021-09-27
      f2af6941fa2b tor: update to
      746fa830c6d7 python-zipp: pin setuptools-scm version
      70bb6f15e8df perl: perlmod.mk: use flock when hostpkg/perl used
      15305d2f2ee6 nano: update to 5.9
      ece1d7bfcebf haveged: update to 1.9.15
      2d35019d6bee lighttpd: update to lighttpd 1.4.55 release hash
      b101f744c258 tcpreplay: avoid host lib leakage
      be17f9726509 tcpreplay: bump to version 4.3.4
      6e4e0d5e9dfd tcpreplay: add libdnet support
      e7167f4702b5 tcpreplay: fix compilation with Arch Linux
      668aa95dfb15 tcpreplay: bump to version 4.3.3
      6dc494fddf3b ntfs-3g: patch CVE-2019-9755
      02ce5303d5a8 nextdns: Update to version 1.37.2
      7a7b8a257b59 bind: update to version 9.16.20
      d8ef698a9fc9 cgi-io: update to latest Git HEAD
      6c5169b3956b cgi-io: update to version 2020-10-27
      daaacfd24e74 cgi-io: move into out of tree project
      d5a7aa18618c haproxy: Update HAProxy to v2.0.25
      17f5a0cc8362 python3: update to version 3.7.12
      dd6be653dd8b tor: update to version
      508c15acb77a irssi: update to 1.2.3
      93cfd1679a6f nextdns: Update to version 1.37.1
      6f3cd160d273 nextdns: Update to version 1.37.0
      72f35e712e9f acme: Fix uhttpd restart to load new certificates
      684b71f0cddc click: update to version 7.0
      5bd73795e8fc dnsdist: fix default SSL lib spelling
      1dd040f9ca89 treewide: Remove GO_PKG_LDFLAGS for stripping binaries
      82a3613ec8ad nginx: add PROVIDES nginx-ssl to nginx-all-module
      b35c3984e1fd Revert "net/miniupnpd: ext_ip_reserved_ignore support"
      72d806d18145 apr: patch CVE-2021-35940
      9d3ad065b294 nextdns: Update to version 1.36.0
      4b091361ef48 postgresql: disable PIC
      0573fb59ab33 file: update to 5.38
      b03fe54e0e98 https-dns-proxy: patch CMakeList.txt to use OpenWrt CFLAGS
      8ff2671b222e tar: fix CVE-2021-20193
      3862bb3e6d65 mc: add a missing Syntax file
      47e2ef579e90 git: update to 2.26.3
      b39f185bdf90 mc: update to 2.8.27
      865ae46492ab unixodbc: use 'install' when copying host binaries
      67f403b5e6af perl: perlmod.mk: use 'install' for host binaries
      5051c4bb0074 knot: update to version 3.0.8
      e0f5b4e2891d knot: update to version 3.0.7
      de894d37a666 knot: update to version 3.0.6
      0c3d97bf5725 knot: update to version 3.0.5
      210e3d9167be https-dns-proxy: update to 2021-07-29-01
      a0e39ca02c57 nextdns: Update to version 1.35.0
      92abb9917028 adblock: bugfix 4.0.7-9
      0872827d2dee librouteros: don't build docs
      f31271fed30f net/snort3: Include default configs and snort2lua
      de84e781e5b6 syslog-ng: update to version 3.33.2
      242dbcebafb9 yggdrasil: bump to 0.4.0
      df79c0614cbd vpnbypass: updates to 1.3.2-1
      f795536f4884 ruby: update to 2.6.8
      a673a232686b addrwatch: Various fixes
      1f9aa31eab77 addrwatch: fix broken conffiles
      531d59dbc733 addrwatch: update to 1.0.2
      ce1781155dfd addrwatch: Add missing limits header for PATH_MAX
      879838998e13 luajit: for powerpc, add FPU dependency
      be2f1b2c0041 luajit: fix compilation with host clang
      29c5a802c4d8 [LuaJIT] Allow MIPS64 support
      e5e5c889196b luajit: do not install static libraries to InstallDev
      dd627367847d luajit: use dynamic buildmode
      192aea109ad6 yggdrasil: allow HTTPS connections
      7248e1b957a5 yggdrasil: bump to 0.3.16
      fe9b2579f984 yggdrasil: bump to 0.3.15
      8687d79f8478 yggdrasil: Ygg-over-ygg bugfix
      35531bcb26a0 yggdrasil: bump to 0.3.14
      3232f272430a yggdrasil: bump to 0.3.13
      2136fafe397d yggdrasil: bump to 0.3.12
      05816dbfd83c yggdrasil: Change package configuration to UCI
      325bf6bc7540 yggdrasil: fixes build name and version #10309
      7087b16140da yggdrasil: uci firewall Section name and cover both IP versions - rename the section instance to yggdrasil (feat. request) - allow zone to cover both ip4 and ip6 fam
      56b6518c8898 yggdrasil: bump to 0.3.11
      b83f6f9af340 syslog-ng: disable mqtt
      c0e93ddff35e libuv: fix CVE-2021-22918
      39a92140d19a syslog-ng: update to version 3.33.1
      dd32c2cbeeef czmq: disable nss
      b7d2b9163cf6 apache: update to 2.4.48
      a16402770c32 czmq: update to version 4.2.1
      1cd6a5f01992 bind: update to version 9.16.18
      b86ca1563ba3 lxc: add patch to switch GPG server
      dc621a9b195f snort3: Backport stable version from 21.02
      5d189c1013a6 libdaq3: New package, dependency of snort3
      d6b64bb65368 msmtp: update to version 1.8.15
      a2ab06243970 youtube-dl: update to version 2021.4.7
      118b0cb9d608 youtube-dl: update to version 2021.2.10
      b18aab0d13f9 python3: update to version 3.7.11
      9bcac7859a80 nextdns: Update to version 1.34.2
      2294d252b3ef ddns-scripts: standardize required params declaration
      730e14da79f6 python-dateutil: pin setuptools-scm version to 5.0.2
      d1aac139a698 Revert "python-dateutil: disable setuptools-scm for build"
      29da5d65b6dc python-dateutil: disable setuptools-scm for build
      b955b6943504 nextdns: Update to version 1.33.11
      0f5fbe1f5bfd nano: update to 5.8
      ce1ae404c3a6 net/mosquitto: Update to 1.6.15
      9355f9503d17 ksmbd: update to 3.3.7
      2c328f3d8abd ksmbd: update to 3.3.6
      08d1a66e3d9f ksmbd: update to 3.3.5
    • Matthias Schiffer's avatar
      modules: update OpenWrt base · 5562682b
      Matthias Schiffer authored
      b24905c38a8a kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.274
      a518a4f78630 ath79: fix link for long cables with OCEDO Raccoon
      ea0e521d3706 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.273
      0af411f49d43 zlib: backport security fix for a reproducible crash in compressor
      565159db573a kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.272
      c5c047f19bc5 openssl: bump to 1.1.1n
      6b8407c6da66 base-files: call "sync" after initial setup
      9ced994057ae kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.269
      5ecc7ead4878 imagebuilder: fix partition signature
      f49eec6335ea wolfssl: fix API breakage of SSL_get_verify_result
      cc344f1513ee ubus: backport fixes for UAF and other issues
      31bb27f35b95 wolfssl: bump to 5.1.1-stable
      572a1f9abe45 ar71xx: fix MikroTik wAP detection
      a2482fc3a57c OpenWrt v19.07.9: revert to branch defaults
      106382c27c25 OpenWrt v19.07.9: adjust config defaults
      2a3558b0de17 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.267
      3b6ce4f634cc kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.266
      e7596ce0b085 hostapd: Apply SAE/EAP-pwd side-channel attack update 2
      1691c1168d15 mbedtls: Update to version 2.16.12
      419b9f4c4514 mbedtls: update to 2.16.11
      bfa4cccd46c3 tcpdump: libpcap: Remove http://www.us.tcpdump.org mirror
      e92a4e5458ff tcpdump: Fix CVE-2018-16301
      606106fb295e kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.265
      524cbcf6f5b0 build: store SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in JSON info files
      57293f51c48f kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.264
      974161d7f891 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.262
      b50eb70e01c6 openssl: bump to 1.1.1m
      5369ceb787b4 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.261
  8. 23 Mar, 2022 1 commit
    • Matthias Schiffer's avatar
      docs: move release notes TOC to sub page (#2422) · 2b5c1e57
      Matthias Schiffer authored
      This allows us to organize the TOC a bit better by adding sections per
      major version. We can even increase the maxdepth to 2 now, which looks
      great in my opinion.
      In addition, the full list of releases is not shown in the sidebar
      anymore when viewing a completely different part of the documentation,
      which took up more than half of the total sidebar entries.
      (cherry picked from commit 7ebc8814)
  9. 24 Feb, 2022 3 commits
  10. 23 Feb, 2022 1 commit
  11. 22 Feb, 2022 4 commits
  12. 15 Feb, 2022 1 commit
    • Matthias Schiffer's avatar
      gluon-web-osm: update OpenLayers default URL to 5.3.0 · 1e4cf25e
      Matthias Schiffer authored
      The OpenLayers JS/CSS download URL is dead. Update it to make the map
      work again:
      - Update from OpenLayers 5.2.0 to 5.3.0
      - Switch from the obsolete rawgit.com URL to jsdelivr.net (rawgit.com
        was only redirecting to jsdelivr.net for the last few years anyways)
      - Set a fixed commit in the URL, so the URL doesn't become outdated again
      (cherry picked from commit 62b24ed7)
  13. 03 Feb, 2022 11 commits