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    • Christof Schulze's avatar
      gluon-core: enhance mac_to_ip() beyond RFC 4291 (#1798) · bd543db8
      Christof Schulze authored
      mac_to_ip() calculates an ipv6 address from a mac address according to
      RFC 4291. For wireguard we have to use specially crafted addresses that
      must be unique. This allows calculating such unique mac-based addresses
      by allowing to optionally specifying the bytes to be inserted into the
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  13. 31 Jul, 2019 3 commits
    • Martin Weinelt's avatar
      modules: update Gluon packages · 44675db7
      Martin Weinelt authored
      fb15946 Merge pull request #233 from jluebbe/simple-tc
      17e2535 simple-tc: fix confusing program names in error messages
      63e6e0d mmfd: split package into mmfd and gluon-mmfd, bump mmfd version
      9c0ac53 bump mmfd: remove babel dependency
      aae659d bump l3roamd version
      32c9f65 lua-simple-uci: luacheck fixes
      cf0619a lua-simple-uci: do not use module(), do not rely on UCI internals
      9d26ec1 pretty-hostname: do not use module()
      fccb564 l3roamd: bump version for Allow to run l3roamd without mesh interfaces
      fbcd1b3 l3roamd: bump version for FIX when roaming within the first 4.5 seconds
      71d0566 autoupdater: clarify usage of -n in help
    • Martin Weinelt's avatar
      modules: update packages · a749a6d1
      Martin Weinelt authored
      1eeea30fd softethervpn: Fix compilation under 64-bit targets
      276b7d9b0 Merge pull request #9542 from jefferyto/python-musl-find_library-openwrt-18.06
      e1cb7f98d opendkim: Fix compilation with uClibc-ng
      bc8fc4fb7 tvheadend: Fix compilation on GCC8
      4c1252e9d tvheadend: Fix compilation without deprecated OpenSSL 1.0.2 APIs
      bd96e95e3 tvheadend: Fix compilation without OpenSSL deprecated APIs
      59f7eb5e1 libartnet: Fix compilation with GCC8
      e00521bc7 poco: Do not build on ARC
      0662e833e flent-tools: Fix compilation with uClibc-ng
      131c9436c oath-toolkit: Fix compilation with uClibc-ng
      0524f21ed flashrom: Add ARC support
      8923eecd3 elektra: Fix compilation with uClibc-ng
      24ad87702 elektra: Fix compilation without deprecated OpenSSL APIs
      f30898d3e hfsprogs: Fix compilation with uClibc-ng
      02d64a922 dosfsutils: Properly fix iconv linking
      f273581e1 dosfstools: Fix compilation with full NLS
      4870eab08 loudmouth: Fix compilation with uClibc-ng
      b1adbbe5b loudmouth: Disable debug and fix no deprecated API compilation
      30ddc8a15 transmission: Fix compilation under uClibc-ng
      0cac0b3eb transmission: add PKGARCH:=all for transmission-web
      c2860ce2c transmission: Add LTO support to shave off 35KB off of the ipk
      b5957aed6 transmission: Allow user to configure web ui home directory
      cdc001736 open2300: Switch to GitHub fork
      dddcd5d90 softethervpn: Add openssl to host build deps
      0a4f88e56 softethervpn: Really fix iconv support
      e05f50c12 softethervpn: add package name to build dir
      8358aa690 softethervpn: cleanup host/build, pass HOST_*FLAGS
      5cb4c348a python,python3: Fix ctypes.util.find_library()
      d16a931db python: add patch for CVE-2018-20852
      2402c223d python: bump to version 2.7.16
      ae21f4990 python3: update to version 3.6.9
      12c96eaad diffutils: provide diff, cmp as alternatives
      04c9e6708 Merge pull request #9463 from ps790/patch-4
      4265311c1 Merge pull request #9461 from ps790/patch-2
      93e7b0982 coreutils: add alternatives support
      ef44ef698 bridge-utils: fix conflict with busybox brctl
      4e93f455a softethervpn: Update to rtm version 4.29-9680
      4682d1741 softethervpn: Pass FLAGS to CC for hamcorebuilder
      f424f7dfa wifidog: fix getting ip from interface, cleanup
      bba8e2c44 irssi: update to version 1.2.1 (security fix)
      d10ac7c29 Merge pull request #9396 from stangri/openwrt-18.06-simple-adblock
      78b0da469 simple-adblock: options to filter non-ASCII domains, local compressed storage
      1e398bbcb ocserv: updated to 0.12.4
      43bfa6fe4 Merge pull request #9292 from BKPepe/18.06-youtube
      68461c4c5 php7: update to 7.2.19
      f9b20e9dd php7: update to 7.2.18
      5779614d2 znc: backport fix for CVE-2019-12816
      63c532a71 youtube-dl: update to version 2019.06.21
      7879bbdb4 Revert "php7: Fix compilation without deprecated OpenSSL APIs"
      115f72fc4 Revert "php7: update to 7.2.18"
      70e4af441 Revert "php7: update to 7.2.19"
      d90a035c1 libxml2: update to 2.9.9
      5aa670ed3 libxml2: Fix CVE-2018-14404
      8abaf8a30 php7: update to 7.2.19
      8e9429f3e php7: update to 7.2.18
      a176ffa0a php7: Fix compilation without deprecated OpenSSL APIs
      53742f130 php7: update to 7.2.17
      81a8e5904 nano: update to 4.3
      dd927adce Merge pull request #9272 from gladiac1337/openwrt-18.06
      28007a8bd Merge pull request #9268 from EricLuehrsen/unbound_192_1806
      1784615d3 haproxy: Update HAProxy to v1.8.20
      88a7f98bd unbound: update to 1.9.2 with package bug fixes
      7290c123d Merge pull request #9232 from neheb/13
      356bb1162 haproxy: Remove unnecessary OpenSSL depends All of these are either not needed or not valid.
      3afd61982 lm-sensors: install libsensors using CP instead of INSTALL_DATA
      d8ecf9cb7 boost: Release update with minor fix
      efa0b885a znc: update my email address
      45e1b91ae Merge pull request #9193 from ryzhovau/getdns_lib-18.06
      55e357b66 getdns: fix library double packing
      810f22da8 nlbwmon: update to latest Git HEAD
    • Martin Weinelt's avatar
      modules: update OpenWrt · 6b9dd169
      Martin Weinelt authored
      df53824f46 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.134
      76d1e8a0c2 kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.186
      ef9c13fb5d imx6: bump SDMA firmware to 3.5
      41e3f12e00 imx6: bump sdma firmware to 3.4
      f51e2d031e mac80211: brcm: improve brcmfmac debugging of firmware crashes
      95745e26b3 mac80211: brcm: update brcmfmac 5.4 patches
      65a405382b omcproxy: fix compilation on little-endian CPUs
      a68be42f99 scripts: ipkg-make-index.sh: dereference symbolic links
      8231f67218 mac80211: brcmfmac: backport fixes from kernel 5.4
      627bb0b8dc busybox: strip off ALTERNATIVES spec
      e6af9c017b opkg: bump to version 2019-06-14
      33e7beeb31 base-files: Fix path check in get_mac_binary
      687977bfc9 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.132
      6ee6c97ded base-files: Really check path in get_mac_binary
      aced9de9a4 wireguard: bump to 0.0.20190601
      3bbd16da46 ramips: fix mt7620 pinmux for second SPI
      b84f761d91 OpenWrt v18.06.4: revert to branch defaults
      f6429577c5 OpenWrt v18.06.4: adjust config defaults
      Compile-tested: ar71xx-generic, ipq40xx, mpc85xx-generic, ramips-mt7621
      Runtime-tested: mpc85xx-generic (WDR4900v1), ramips-mt761 (DIR-860L-B1)
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