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  3. 20 Dec, 2018 5 commits
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      modules: update OpenWrt packages · b042349b
      Matthias Schiffer authored
      578762f4fcbf sqlite3: remove $(FPIC)
      68694dddb128 sqlite3: security bump
      13a4dcd6147c net/mosquitto: bump to 1.5.5
      3e4fae2465fe CircleCI: [18.06] branch specific version.
      bb1b12733e1a nut: Backport fixes from master
      e6769fc7efd2 libsndfile: Fix MIRROR_HASH
      f4321408639e libsndfile: add PKG_SOURCE_DATE
      18c316638581 libsndfile: switch to cmake
      6124b001e9e5 libsndfile: switch to git
      e802a0c00880 tiff: security bump to 4.0.10
      b9b3445cc0a9 tree: Update to 1.8.0
      890c302e1a92 net/mosquitto: support more acl plugin options
      8643915bbd2e darkstat: [18.06] procd init script and enabling additional parameters
      8ccfae065f14 prometheus-node-exporter-lua: close io.popen files to reap zombies
      430f6c01641b build,circleci: Updates with additional checks from travis scripts.
      677eb7ec2b99 build,circleci: add curl & wget to base image
      7370760f5de0 nano: update to 3.2
      1f2f177d3ca0 collectd: update to 5.8.1
      44458746f2dc collectd: remove obsolete references to avr32
      635d96ca45ac collectd: include nls.mk for mysql plugin
      86c3ea10ecd3 utils/collectd: run with low priority
      f1209a6eb8ef net/mwan3: fix NDP on ipv6 for ra services
      b6f6df1d771e strongswan: backport upstream fixes for CVEs in gmp plugin
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      modules: update OpenWrt · 83f2dc23
      Matthias Schiffer authored
      753531da249f wireguard: bump to 0.0.20181119
      6de949113210 wireguard: bump to 0.0.20181115
      6319242a2a37 wireguard: bump to 0.0.20181018
      a6a3abeb96f5 wireguard: bump to 0.0.20181007
      a74369a64d0a wireguard: bump to 0.0.20181006
      1f7504b8843d ethtool: update to 4.19
      83cbf4c0bacd ethtool: Update to 4.18
      44979a31e13b ethtool: Update to 4.17
      2f97b405fed4 ethtool: Update to 4.16
      ec9e3e6a9e3e mbedtls: Cosmetic cleanups
      492174198f61 tools/e2fsprogs: Update to 1.44.2
      e78aa6f77b73 strace: Update to 4.22
      3af64ddbff9f fstools: Add the new options available in the menuconfig
      dfa9d4a70ec8 fstools: update to latest git HEAD
      fc38aad19491 x86: make sysupgrade.tgz reachable again
      6b0bafb16b77 x86: add packages files to image bootfs
      dab5305e3166 x86: mount writable bootfs
      75d4465464e6 include/rootfs.mk: remove boot directory
      0f5b8a92b42d mwlwifi: update to version
      575621e35561 lantiq/basefiles: use shutdown instead of stop when the system goes down
      f7a97a21f77b base-files: sysupgrade: Allow downloading of firmware images using HTTPS
      0340d3ad2d1b flex: Add a lex symlink
      e2637a471a64 Revert "iptables: fix dependency for libip6tc on IPV6"
      c756d666dc04 scripts: update config.guess and config.sub
      66ff4e478a1b mwlwifi: update to version
      ebe02f7a354f mwlwifi: driver version to
      2046cd259035 mwlwifi: driver version to
      3d4eb5607817 wolfssl: update to version 3.15.3-stable
      53249917825a tools/ccache: update to 3.5
      1249e6d498e6 tools/xz: Add PKG_CPE_ID for proper CVE tracking
      ae16d0fb39d6 tools/libressl: Add PKG_CPE_ID for proper CVE tracking
      b2df8076bd69 tools/patch: Add fedora patch for crashing git style patches
      27528d48e1f2 tools: patch: Add missing CVE-2018-6951 fix
      a10c67b05727 tools: patch: Fix build by not modifing Makefile.am
      1adb3b28a9c1 tools: patch: make patch build depend on automake
      ed32045bcc64 patch: apply upstream cve fixes
      ab64f9da81c7 ugps: update to latest git HEAD
      b64622b0c8de uqmi: update PKG_RELEASE version
      bcf824a4794f uqmi: stop proto handler if verify pin count is not 3
      4f02bee9bbc7 uqmi: evaluate pin-status output in qmi_setup function
      5a3810b38604 uqmi: do not block proto handler if SIM is uninitialized
      1e012fd697d8 uqmi: do not block proto handler if modem is unable to registrate
      5c10aaa65b1c uqmi: fix variable initilization for timeout handling
      251f4fd20e7c uqmi: add timeout option value
      860e2dac40db uqmi: redirect uqmi commands output to /dev/null
      5d8040455e42 uqmi: fix indenting
      1c56c3d2530c gre: make encaplimit support configurable
      d5dd3b113465 odhcpd: update to latest git HEAD (FS#1853)
      dc78c70d5c07 iw: strip a few more non-essential features from iw-tiny
      ab1b46870153 iw: fix filtering linked object files for iw-tiny
      0609ea0bf0de iw: add iw-full package without size reduction hacks
      0d8ef978744e ubus: update to latest git HEAD
      ea08a29d2a1c ipset: update to 6.38
      52e9f03b49f0 zram-swap: bump pkg version
      243265812813 zram-swap: Add "max compression streams" configuration option
      2d4b52707dd6 zram-swap: fix number of created zram devices for multicore CPU's
      9a5509736a8e zram-swap: fix zram dev reset for multicore cpu devices
      5ff4ea6bc4d2 zram-swap: compression algorithm configuration option
      afd6460418df zram-swap: Shell cosmetic
      ac7c30708f8b zram-swap: remove trailing whitespaces in init script
      d275b30414dc odhcpd-ipv6only: fix dependency for IPV6
      b1cc8c8ef246 netifd: update to latest git HEAD
      0ca423d59509 netifd: update to latest git HEAD
      46fa2453fdbd hostapd: expose device taxonomy signature via ubus
      c1a856b18ba8 hostapd: add support for client taxonomy in the full config
      8bf1a35eda4f hostapd: fix MAC filter related log spam
      0439280c2fcf kernel: support gcc-optimized inlining on all architectures
      a29fe94e8cef kernel: Add missing config option for NFSDv4
      c1e53d2c82c4 kernel: build support for NFSv4 in nfsd
      1a3c129967e0 kernel: add missing dependency to regmap to kmod-gpio-mcp23s08
      9885d3aec1db build: Introduce building of artifacts
      16f4057188b7 build: fix libressl build on x32 (amd64ilp32) host
      8b07cd6000dd build: remove obsolete -rc kernel testing rewrites
      868a4cf69f93 build: insert blank line after KernelPackage template to allow chaining calls to it
      ca05fd5ebf20 build: fix kernel headers install for uml
      2f11a9ed68f5 cns3xxx: fix writing to wrong PCI registers
      7b0e1d28e89e kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.89
      386a57dc596c kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.146
      217219ee1dd4 kernel: Activate VDSO on MIPS again
      fbce30208801 wireguard: bump to 0.0.20180925
      113dadc6dde5 wireguard: bump to 0.0.20180918
      9f9f8db13865 wireguard: bump to 0.0.20180910
      686f70729321 wireguard: bump to 0.0.20180904
      b920285883c7 wireguard: bump to 0.0.20180809
      4e165fbc29cb wireguard: bump to 0.0.20180802
      b3cc304e4552 iptables: fix dependency for libip6tc on IPV6
      468a4b5b6279 netifd: do not validate relevant section when ipv6 is not supported
      0ccf009b623a base-files: add network_get_metric() to /lib/functions/network.sh
      d5b045b52b8c ncurses: use default host install
      38e99cb37942 gettext-full: host compile with -fpic
      9a01ff5c0349 dante: disable sched_getscheduler() - not implemented in musl
      991e43c894d0 kernel: re-enable MIPS VDSO
      85c77301d4ad base-files: fix postinstall uci-defaults removal
      6bcafab581cd rules.mk: add ESED command
      a3446cb0d227 lldpd: inhibit linking of libbsd on !GLIBC
      63b867adedf4 kernel: fix build of nftables
      69d6da1de601 kernel: generic: Fix nftables inet table breakage
      bbc0c4d9cbfe mwlwifi: driver version to
      6f50d5ccf378 map: drop default encaplimit value
      f6eab3c3de02 ds-lite: drop default encaplimit value
      d9f845f76132 odhcpd: enable ipv6 server mode only when it is supported
      15a023a458a2 tools/expat: fix docbook2man error on some systems
      4b5e062bd3b9 base-files: /etc/services: add missing 'rpcbind' alias
      376e9294c718 usbutils: Update usb.ids to 0.315
      3dbdd404a872 hostapd: Fix compile with OpenSSL 1.1.0 + no deprecated APIs
      fa3805f2b6d3 scripts/ipkg-build: quash error messages when conffiles.resolved is empty
      f5cf9b265f78 scripts/metadata.pm: avoid adding dup names in provides list
      0dbafc3a3a9b strace: fix build on aarch64
      8cac88af4b0f odhcpd: bump to git HEAD (detect broken hostnames)
      69f28f3a205d hostapd: fix build of wpa-supplicant-p2p
      42dafa0ac589 build: add support for enabling the rootfs/boot partition size option via target feature
      62e7ad1d2100 ppp: remove hardcoded lcp-echo-failure, lcp-echo-interval values
      87a6aadfd558 base-files: provide more tolerant xterm detection
      40ca437c325d brcm47xx: Enable USB power on WNDR3400v3
      9afbe27bd01f kernel: add kmod-tcp-bbr
      39420c3eadd8 libbsd: Update to 0.8.7
      8ec7ad033efd kernel: fix kmod-gpio-mcp23s08 for linux 4.14
      741f03b8b7c4 x86/64: enable X86_INTEL_LPSS to select PINCTRL
      7d00815ea80a x86: geode: Add missing config options
      ac7b9ca362f0 x86/geode: enable X86_INTEL_LPSS to select PINCTRL
      4424fa9ef0bb x86: add UHCI and XHCI USB host drivers to 4.14
      7772a5b05be1 build: Unset CDPATH to avoid problems
      97fddb2fddbf dropbear: backport upstream fix for CVE-2018-15599
      e005beec2d02 samba36: Enable umdnsd support
      57f3a57abde3 base-files: create /etc/ethers by default
      a009d4cdf3de mwlwifi: Update to
      1e06b02bf77f firewall: bump to git HEAD
      d93bd72a9806 base-files: add function to get mac as text from flash
      54278dfa6938 base-files: use consistent coding style
      a2b2a9c55fd9 base-files: make wifi report unknown command
      7a52e0a7ab08 odhcp6c: apply IPv6/ND configuration earlier
      cc6da6fa1ad6 ustream-ssl: update to latest git HEAD
      4db4444697b8 imagebuilder: manifest function show stderr
      2890abbcc032 scripts: time.pl: avoid hard Time::HiRes dependency
      b4454ca4fae1 build: remove GNU time dependency
      43c96e8dd87e iwinfo: update to latest Git HEAD
      34e3a4a034bb wolfssl: disable broken shipped Job server macro
      30d7924c3c62 wolfssl: remove myself as maintainer
      eb9ac2590343 openvpn-easy-rsa: update to 3.0.4
      38d4ba4e1917 kernel: package x86-optimized crypto-misc modules
      63a87b4c7a53 base-files: do not add relevant sections & options except when ipv6 is support in kernel
      c58c31bf9974 base-files: sysupgrade: abort if config backup fails
      1c833e7bce26 base-files: fix HOME_URL replace
      7939cd49c149 include: add netdev family support for nftables
      08e73c9526f9 ncurses: install lib on host build
      eb7ab27336d8 igmpproxy: drop SSDP packets
      f1b086bf0fe4 include/verbose.mk: Add sc to failure message
      de3e415a2e95 igmpproxy: add a silent logging option
      81541d9159c9 bcm53xx: exit if writing kernel during sysupgrade fails
      8dd91b56bef0 brcm2708: Update brcm2708-gpu-fw package
      031d5cf24849 kernel: don't auto attach ubi on read error
      e6945262642a kernel: handle bad blocks in ubi auto attach code
      edc2af2be931 kernel: improve ubi auto attach code readability
      c0673db23f1c build: do not override CCACHE_DIR when ccache is disabled
      f8750b1a433f build: prereq-build.mk: fix gcc/g++ SetupHostCommand invocation
      e5c46a112bed hostapd: remove unused struct hostapd_ubus_iface
      aa3e4d56c6a5 base-files: fix wrong sysctl parameter order
      4e4d124b27a3 hostapd: fix conflicts hell
      775473cf8d47 hostapd: cleanup package definition
      0282d04a85b3 openvpn: increase procd termination timeout to 15s
      fa112bc46ac7 librpc: add host build to install h files needed for nfs-kernel-server to get compiled
      6d5a6c5c9b0e verbose.mk: quote SUBMAKE options
      e68e498ff354 kernel: replace bridge port isolate hack with upstream patch backport on 4.14
      b06665b2052e kernel: adjust bridge port isolate patch to match upstream attribute naming
      0291b76af963 tools/ccache: update to 3.4.2
      bc6c4fcd2d67 tools/cmake: update to 3.11.4
      24bf0c63dcde fixup-makefile.pl: fixup when PKG_SOURCE is defined elsewhere
      becdd2b28e0d build: ASLR hardening use $(FPIC)
      f5e33b98394e toolchain: gdb: enable TUI
      3341376e0bed ebtables: update to latest git 2018-06-27
      b1c42ef11571 ramips: fix wizfi630a swapped lan/wan port
      3e3b286fa17a usbutils: Switch to Fedora usbutils
      66353bdf5a91 samba36: Disable external libtdb and libtevent
      e89126d5d2dc swconfig: swlib_map_settings(): change return type to void
      c388a92d61af swconfig: fix un-initialized return value
      3b9bfe8328e0 build: include package directory in sha256sums when running on buildbot
      ef7a6a4d7260 base-files: add menuconfig option for HOME_URL
      7408cdaa310f netfilter: add bpf match support
      9f8f5d4d142a dropbear: let opkg manage symlinks of ssh, scp
      32b18f6e211e busybox: udhcpc: replace udhcpc_no_msg_dontroute patch by upstream fix
      fe193369872b busybox: update to 1.28.4
      6d59535b6ac5 nftables: bump to version 0.9.0
      cd116c6d5c8e libnftnl: bump to version 1.1.1
      21bcc90b1021 base-files: exit if mtd write command fails during sysupgrade
      b81774cff807 ramips: mt7621: fix mtu setting with kernel 4.14
      3a507b2f9b6e kernel: avoid flow offload for connections with xfrm on the dst entry (should fix IPSec)
      1e0db693dfe6 hostapd: make cli treat UNKNOWN COMMAND as failing
      cc7fa7fcecbd ramips: fix reboot with W25Q256 with 4-address-mode enabled
      a6b561dd01d3 ebtables: update to latest git 2018-06-06
      2b51cac21a5a scripts: Replace obsolete POSIX tmpnam in slugimage.pl with File::Temp function
      fc0907bc2599 netifd: drop conflicting 'device' interface property
      b7beb89b5838 nettle: bump to 3.4
      3e02d196553c ca-certificates: ca-bundle: add symlink for openssl default setting
      60b29c9c177d curl: Add ca-bundle dependency
      0d3bdf7b5940 curl: Use ca-bundle for all TLS libraries.
      31f935edafa4 ath10k-firmware: Fix QCA6174 support
      5826efd18ca9 hostapd: properly build hostapd-only SSL variants
      000a3fef0ad9 hostapd: update packaging and patches
      0d08c6705864 hostapd: convert ssl provider build options to variants
      a35f24309021 hostapd: update to git HEAD of 2018-05-21, allow build against wolfssl
      5435e8023e95 ustream-ssl: fix build against wolfSSL
      42121995c7e5 wolfssl: change defaults to cover wpa_supplicant needs
      22739871fe51 wolfssl: add PKG_CONFIG_DEPENDS symbols
      49487b0ca489 wolfssl: update to version 3.14.4
      fbd840724821 package sysfsutils: add support for sysfs settings at boot
      903ef9aaecfb kernel: merge kmod-fbcon with kmod-fb
      db4341d907a0 ath10k-firmware: Fix mirror hash sum
      2e7e60f2d6eb ath10k-firmware: Update QCA988X firmware to the latest version
      25f58ed81a34 nftables: bump to 0.8.5 version
      1e432993c513 libnftnl: bump to 1.1.0
      2f2055de0edb ebtables: update to latest git 2018-05-15
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      modules: update Gluon packages · 41174876
      Matthias Schiffer authored
      30be52e03bbf autoupdater: consider end of string smaller than all characters except for '~'
      688051cb21d6 autoupdater: fix regression in version compare
      0835251ca9e2 libplatforminfo: extend Makefile to define compile with custom target
      90b26e338877 libplatforminfo: add Config.in for custom target
      3a9ea0b47f4b libplatforminfo: add custom definition target
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      docs: getting_started: Update to Debian Stretch (#1602) · 4aebb0fd
      Micha Lenk authored
      I just followed this document on a Debian Stretch, and it worked out of
      the box. So let's use Debian's current stable release here.
  4. 16 Dec, 2018 1 commit
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      modules: update OpenWrt · c6ad7119
      Martin Weinelt authored
      50789acf4e ar71xx: add support for UniFi-AC-Mesh-Pro
      40e1450f59 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.88
      85f42a74d3 kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.145
      Compile-tested: ar71xx-generic, ramips-mt7620, ipq40xx
  5. 14 Dec, 2018 1 commit
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      modules: update OpenWrt · 01a5a791
      Martin Weinelt authored
      6f74e269c8 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.87
      b2f243394e kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.144
      2213b20aee kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.86
      bcd7644007 kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.143
      d5afaa4114 openvpn: re-add option comp_lzo
      629073e86d rpcd: update to latest Git head
      1cd945ea22 ramips: fix leds on GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2
      fbadfecbb5 ipq40xx: fix openmesh sysupgrade with tar content out of order
      06a20afb34 rules.mk: fix syntax error
      d40e90986c rules.mk: add INSTALL_SUID macro
      d40de11d1b base-files: fix prerm return value, align with postinst code
      cc8e875039 sdk: find kernel modules when KDIR is a symlink
      a8b292afe6 uhttpd: update to latest Git head
      7a8b75375c uhttpd: support multiple Lua prefixes
      fede6df09e uhttpd: update to latest Git head
      9671a2d2c8 apm821xx: MBL: load kernel/dtb from SATA 0:1 first
      26ebcc88e3 apm821xx: wndr4700: restore sd-card media detection
      5337319bdf uclient: update to latest Git head
      Compile-tested: ar71xx, ipq40xx, x86-64
      Runtime-tested: ar71xx
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  11. 30 Nov, 2018 3 commits
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      ath10k-ct: reduce memory consumption · 68456880
      Sven Eckelmann authored
      ath10k-ct uses a rather high number of buffers to communicate with the
      QCA/Candelatech firmware. Especially the HTC (host-target-communication)
      and HTT (host-target-transport) can take up a lot of memory when data is
      transferred over a ath10k wifi link.
      Even a 256MB device with three radios can go OOM (while sending to three
      devices using UDP unicast/multicast packets) with the default buffer
      limits. Unfortunately, this also reduced the maximum 5GHz throughput on an
      IPQ40xx device from 494/432 Mbit/s for TCP transfers (download/upload) to
      438/343 Mbit/s. These throughput values should still be good enough for a
      Freifunk installation. And these changes are already used by ath10k in
      OpenWrt 18.06.
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