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uci option -q must be first option now

parent 0dabdd94
# only once every timeframe the SSID will change to OFFLINE (set to 1 minute to change every time the router gets offline)
MINUTES="$(uci get ssid-changer.settings.switch_timeframe -q)"
MINUTES="$(uci -q get ssid-changer.settings.switch_timeframe)"
# the first few minutes directly after reboot within which an Offline-SSID always may be activated
: ${MINUTES:=1}
FIRST="$(uci get ssid-changer.settings.first -q)"
FIRST="$(uci -q get ssid-changer.settings.first)"
# use something short to leave space for the nodename (no '~' allowed!)
: ${FIRST:=5}
PREFIX="$(uci get ssid-changer.settings.prefix -q)"
PREFIX="$(uci -q get ssid-changer.settings.prefix)"
# generate the ssid with either 'nodename', 'mac' or to use only the prefix: 'none'
if [ "$(uci get ssid-changer.settings.enabled -q)" = '0' ]; then
if [ "$(uci -q get ssid-changer.settings.enabled)" = '0' ]; then
SETTINGS_SUFFIX="$(uci get ssid-changer.settings.suffix -q)"
SETTINGS_SUFFIX="$(uci -q get ssid-changer.settings.suffix)"
if [ $SETTINGS_SUFFIX = 'nodename' ]; then
SUFFIX="$(uname -n)"
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ if [ $SETTINGS_SUFFIX = 'nodename' ]; then
elif [ $SETTINGS_SUFFIX = 'mac' ]; then
SUFFIX="$(uci get network.bat0.macaddr -q)"
SUFFIX="$(uci -q get network.bat0.macaddr)"
# 'none'
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ OFFLINE_SSID="$PREFIX$SUFFIX"
# TODO: ffac tq limits has to be implemented here if enabled
ONLINE_SSID="$(uci get wireless.client_radio0.ssid -q)"
ONLINE_SSID="$(uci -q get wireless.client_radio0.ssid)"
# if for whatever reason ONLINE_SSID is NULL
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