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Readme: Update Commit id and add History

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......@@ -103,12 +103,14 @@ Create a file "modules" with the following content in your site directory:
PACKAGES_SSIDCHANGER_COMMIT=614d2f5ac45a424057d7171f80716acf6cad63e1 # <-- set the newest commit ID here
PACKAGES_SSIDCHANGER_COMMIT=0e4c3384a51c7359234ae883f00e47b044a0c704 # <-- set the newest commit ID here
With this done you can add the package `gluon-ssid-changer` to your ``
*This is a fork of that doesn't check
*This is a merge of and that doesn't check
the tx value any more. It is now in use in Freifunk Nord*
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